Legislation Affecting Municipalities

New Laws Enacted in the 2015-2016 Legislative Session

Summary of new laws affecting municipalities

2015 AB 843/SB 689, Charge-backs for Tax Refunds

League memo supporting February 18, 2016

Unfunded Mandates and Restrictions on Local Control

Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo February 4, 2016

2015 AB714/SB 578 Tourism Entities Clarification 

Memo requesting support for technical changes to tourism entity language in room tax law

TIF Study Committee Bills

Memo to Assembly on Growing the State’s Economy by Passing All Eight TIF Study Committee Bills – AB 131, AB 132, AB 133, AB 134, AB 135, AB 136, AB 137, and AB 138-February 3, 2016

2015 AB 600 Regulation of Navigable Waters

League's Testimony Opposing-January 7, 2016
2015 AB 568 Preempting Various Local Powers
Read the League's December 10 testimony to the Assembly Committee on Housing and Real Estate.  The City of Beloit also offered testimony opposing AB 568. The City of Ashland submitted a letter in opposition.
The City of Milwaukee also provided December 10, 2015 Testimony in opposition to AB 568.

AB 269, Requiring Municipalities to Pre-fund Post-

Retirement Health Benefits

League Communications Lobby Days

Prevailing Wage

Proposed Legislation Eliminating the Personal Property Tax