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  1. Municipal Regulation of "Click and Collect" Alcohol Sales

    “Click and Collect” describes a practice where consumers order online from a retailer’s website and then pick up their orders at a local store. The use of Click and Collect . . . Claire Silverman, the Municipality March 2018
  2. An Overview of Municipal Library Board

    his article revises and updates an article written and published in the February 2014 issue of The Municipality. Wisconsin’s libraries are a tremendous resource, important to the democratic process, and play a critical role . . . . Claire Silverman, the Municipality February 2018
  3. Legislature Curtails Municipal Conditional Use Permit Authority

    The Wisconsin legislature enacted major changes to local zoning authority laws in 2017 that were urged and promoted by developers but described by its legislative supporters as a “homeowners” bill of rights. Nonetheless, the laws passed. . . . Daniel Olson the Municipality February 2018
  4. Public Records Law Application to Individual Local Officials

    Most public records requests are handled by municipal clerks, treasurers, administrators, or department heads, and involve records that are routinely created or kept by municipalities in the normal course of business. Claire Silverman, the Municipality January 2018
  5. Agenda Control and Presiding Officers

    Although agendas are not required by any state law, many governmental bodies, by custom or procedural rule, use them. They serve important practical purposes by providing a structure that facilitates efficient and effective use of meeting time . . . . Daniel Olson December 2017
  6. Items in the State Budget Affecting Municipalities

    After nearly three months of legislative delay, Governor Walker signed the 2017-2018 state budget bill into law as Act 59 on September 21. Like all state budgets, Act 59 is a mixed bag for municipalities, although positive changes slightly . . . . Curt Witynski in the Municipality November 2017
  7. When is a Street a Street?

    When is a street a street? Although the question posed by this title may sound like a riddle or the lead-in to a joke, being unable to answer that question is no laughing matter when the outcome is important to those with a stake in the issue. Claire Silverman, the Municipality November 2017
  8. Is Your Website Accessible to People with Disabilities?

    Local governments are increasingly finding that municipal websites are a cost-effective and efficient way to make information available to the public 24-7 without the direct assistance of government personnel. Not surprisingly . . . . Claire Silverman, the Municipality October 2017
  9. When are Committees "Governmental Bodies" Under the Open Meeting Law?

    In State ex rel. Krueger v. Appleton Area School Dist. Bd. Of Educ., 2017 WI 70, the Wisconsin Supreme Court attempted to clarify when a committee constitutes a "governmental body" for purposes of the open meeting law after Krueger, a parent . . . . Claire Silverman, the Municipality October 2017
  10. Municipal Case Law Update (Part 2)

    This is part 2 of a case law update summarizing cases decided within the last year that affect municipalities but not including U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Part 1 was published in the August issue of The Municipality. Claire Silverman and Daniel Olson, Sept 2018
  11. U.S. Supreme Court Decides Wisconsin Takings Case

    The U.S. Supreme Court decided a major regulatory takings case last week, ending a Wisconsin land-use battle that lasted more than a dozen years. See Murr v. Wisconsin, No. 15-214 (U.S. June 23, 2017). It is not common for a case to jump . . . . Jeffrey A. Mandell, the Municipality August 2017
  12. Municipal Case Law Update (Part 1)

    This is Part 1 of a 2-part case law update summarizing Wisconsin appellate and 7th circuit decisions affecting Wisconsin municipalities. Claire Silverman and Daniel Olson, Aug 2018
  13. Court Rejects Substantial Zoning and Planning Law Changes

    The City of Fitchburg (City) and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities (League) recently won an important Wisconsin Supreme Court case for local government control over municipal zoning, planning, and development. Daniel Olson, the Municipality July 2017
  14. Parliamentary Procedure for Local Officials

    It is a pretty good guess that most Wisconsin city councils, village boards and their sub-units utilize Robert's Rules of Order as the rules of procedure for their respective body even though no state law requires they be utilized. . . . Daniel Olson the Municipality June 2017
  15. Municipal Authority Over Real Property Inspections and Registrations Recently Limited

    Many municipalities have property registration and inspection ordinances to ehlp ensure that they have important information regarding buildings within the municipality . . . Claire Silverman, the Municipality April 2017
  16. Wisconsin Park Boards: Roles, Responsibilities & Rulemaking

    The spotlight and attention in Wisconsin city and village government is most often focused on city councils, village boards, planning commissions, community development authorities, and similar governmental bodies with the legal authority . . . . by Daniel Olson March 2017
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