125 - Feeding of Deer - Whiting

Ordinance #125
Feeding of Deer - Village of Whiting

The Village Board of the Village of Whiting DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS:

That Section 7-1-13 "Prohibited and Protected Animals", under Title 7, Chapter 1, Licensing of Dogs and Regulations of Animals, of the Code of Ordinances, Village of Whiting, subsection (e) be created to read as follows:

(e) It shall be unlawful for anyone to place any type of feeder, above or on the ground for the purpose of offering any feed such as salt, minerals, apples, corn, sunflower seeds, deer suckers, or any other type of feed for the purpose of enticing deer into any specific area of anyone's property in the Village of Whiting, except as provided in exception below:

Exception: The feeding of deer may be authorized by the Village Board.

This ordinance shall become effective upon adoption and publication.

Adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Whiting this 9th day of March 1999.