162 - Residency Requirements - Platteville

Ordinance #162

Residency Requirements - City of Platteville

A Resolution Establishing Residency Requirements for City Employees.

WHEREAS, the Common Council desires to attract the highest quality of individual possible to fill City positions, but also wishes such individuals to be personally invested in the community, and,

WHEREAS, the Council recognizes a need to establish a policy to determine residency requirements for City employees;


Section One: Employees in the following City positions, due to the leadership role they have in the City organization, shall live within the boundaries of the City of Platteville:
  • City Clerk
  • City Manager
  • EMS Director
  • Finance Director
  • Fire Chief
  • Library Director
  • Museum Director
  • Parks & Recreation Director
  • Planning & Community Development Director
  • Police Chief
  • Public Works Director
  • Streets Superintendent
  • Utilities Office Manager
  • Utilities Superintendent
Section Two: All other City employees who regularly work more than twenty hours per week shall be required to live within a 15-mile radius of Platteville City Hall; except that such employees may live anywhere within the City limits of Lancaster. All employees must live within the state of Wisconsin. The City Manager shall determine if a residence meets the criteria when there is any question as to whether this is the case.

Section Three: Employees that regularly work fewer than 20 hours per week shall not be subject to a residency requirement.

Section Four: Exceptions to this policy may be made on a case-by-case basis by the Common Council.