41 - Fireworks Storage - Eagle River

Ordinance #41

Fire Protection
Fireworks Storage - Eagle River


The Common Council of the City of Eagle River does hereby ordain as follows:

1 . Because the handling, keeping, storing, or maintenance of fireworks is a potentially hazardous activity, it is hereby required of every wholesaler, dealer or jobber who keeps stores or handles fireworks of any description in the City of Eagle River that prior to the receipt of such fireworks or their removal from one location to another a permit shall be obtained from the Joint Municipal Fire Commission located at 820 East Pine Street, Eagle River, Wisconsin. Said permit will have a $10.00 fee and there shall be an inspection of the area where the fireworks are stored to ensure that their storage is proper and appropriate for the safe storage of fireworks.

2. Failure to obtain the necessary permit could result in the issuance of a citation and/or the seeking of an injunction by the City of Eagle River to compel compliance with this ordinance.