59 - Public Library Service - Antigo

Ordinance #59

Public Library Service - Antigo

Loan Periods

The Library has established various loan periods for circulating materials. 3 days -AV equipment

7 days - All videos, compact discs, CD-ROMs, holiday book collection, and vertical file pamphlets.

14 days - All new or recent books, children's toys, all magazines, all other audiovisual material.

21 days - All other books.

42 days - Outreach, Institutional, and Academic services.


Books may be renewed one time. Materials having reserves may not be renewed. The patron may add his/her name to the reserve list. Any material with a loan period of 14 or 21 days may be renewed for the equivalent loan period. Three and seven day loan material as well as recent materials are NOT renewable. Patrons may renew by telephone with staff.

Check-out Limits

There will be a limit of four items per card for items that have a seven day loan period. Audiovisual equipment will be limited to two items per card. Temporary cardholders will be limited to four items per card regardless of loan status. Otherwise, there are no limits to the number of items a patron may have checked out.


Patrons may place items on reserve at any APAC in the library or they may request assistance from staff. Reserves can be made over the telephone with staff. Patrons will be notified by letter or phone that their request is available. Tile patron will have seven days to pick up the requested material.


Fines: Fines will accumulate at the rate of ten cents per item per day for overdue materials and audio visual materials that circulate for 14 or 21 days, and $ 1. 00 per item per day for videos, compact discs, and CD-ROMs. Patrons will be allowed to accumulate fines to a set point, but will then be blocked from borrowing materials until fines are paid. Fines will accumulate to a maximum of the cost of the item.

Outreach, Institutional, and Academic programs are exempt from fines.

Damaged materials: Charges for damage will vary with the extent of the damages and could range from $1.00 to replacement cost. Charges will be at tile discretion of the Library staff.

Overdues: Patrons will be notified by letter 7 days after the due date of borrowed material. A second notice will be mailed after the material is 21 days beyond the due date. A final notice will be mailed after the material is 30 days beyond the due date. If the material is not returned within the 30 days of the due date, patrons will receive a letter from the police department requesting the return of all items outstanding within 30 days of receipt of the letter. The patron will be considered in violation of Wisconsin State Statue 943.61(2) and borrowing privileges will be suspended until items are returned or the replacement cost is paid. If the items are not returned or replacement costs paid within the 30 days of the receipt of the police letter, a police citation of $50.00 for patrons under the age of 17 years or $147.50 for patrons 17 years or older will be issued.

Lost Materials: Patrons who have lost materials will be charged the full retail price and a processing fee of $1.50; accrued fines will not be assessed. Should any lost materials be found and returned, a refund will be issued after fines are assessed, minus the processing fee. The refund will apply only if the material is returned within one year of payment with the receipt verifying payment and if the material is in good condition.

Sample Notice


Dear Sir/Madam:

The Antigo Public Library has informed our Department that you or your child have not returned library materials previously. checked out in your or your child's name. These titles of which are listed on the enclosed bill.

We advise you to return these items to the Antigo Public Library-or the Antigo Police Department immediately. If you cannot locate these items, you will be expected to pay the replacement price listed on the bill. If you locate and return these items, the overdue fines must be paid at the library.

If these- items have not been returned or arrangements made for payment within thirty (30) days, the Police -Department will issue you a citation Linder WI State Statute 943.61(2) for theft of Library materials. As well as the forfeiture amount as indicated below, you will be asked for financial restitution for the library materials.

Normal fine amounts are as follows:

16 years of age and younger $50.00

17 years of age and older $147.50

Thank You,

Chief of Police Antigo Police Department