170 - Littering - Menomonie

Ordinance #170
Littering - City of Menomonie

Chapter IX of the ordinances for the City of Menomonie for 1999

An ordinance relating to littering or depositing of refuse.

The Common Council of the City of Menomonie do ordain as follows:

Section 1. chapter 11 Section X(1)(b) of the city code is hereby repealed and recreated as follows:

(b) Littering or Depositing of Refuse. Violate any provisions of section 287.81, Wisconsin Statutes; provided, however, that no person may deposit solid waste in any receptacle referred to at section 287.81(3)(a), Wisconsin Statutes, in violation of chapter 8, Section I of this code, or without the prior consent of the owner or lessee of the receptacle.

Section 2. this ordinance shall take effect upon the date of publication as provided in Section 62.11(4)(a), Wisconsin Statutes.