102 - R3 General Residence District, Conditional Uses - Rhinelander

Ordinance #102

R3 General Residence District, Conditional Uses - City of Rhinelander

All existing ordinances, codes or portions thereof in conflict herewith are hereby repealed, and more specifically, Section 19.10(2)(i) is amended as follows:

19. 10 R3 GENERAL RESIDENCE DISTRICT. (2) CONDITIONAL USES. The following conditional uses may be allowed in the R3 District, subject to §19.05(10).

(a) Clubs and lodges, private.

(b) Educational institutions, boarding.

(c) Health and medical institutions, including institutions for the care and treatment of alcoholics, drug addict patients or the mentally disturbed. (Am. # 18-90)

(d) Philanthropic and charitable institutions.

(e) Planned developments, residential.

(f) Mobile home parks, subject to § 9.03(3)(b). (Cr. #4-88)

(g) Non-flashing and advertising business signs may be approved as permitted by conditional use in the R-2 District. (Cr. 9-94)

(h) Accessory uses incidental to and on the same lot as a principal use.

(i) Child daycare and/or preschool facilities, subject to the following conditions:

1. Twenty (20) or less children

2. Children twelve (12) years of age or younger (for uses in excess of eight (8) children).

3. Hours and days of operation to be Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (for uses in excess of eight (8) children).