18 - Street Storage - Waupun

Ordinance #18
Traffic & Regulation
Street Storage - Waupun

Section 1: Section 6.05(2)(c) of the Municipal Code of the City of Waupun entitled "Street Storage" is repealed and recreated to provide as follows:

(c) No person shall, without permit, park or store any motor home, mobile home, manufactured home, camper trailer or any motor vehicle having two or less axles, on any street in excess of 24 hours. No person shall, without permit, park or store any semi-tractor trailer or moor vehicle having more than two axles on any street in excess of 2 hours. This ordinance shall not apply to the following:

1. Vehicles owned or operated by the City of Waupun.

2. Commercial vehicles while directly engaged in activities for which such vehicles are necessary, including without limitation, loading and unloading goods, digging, hauling and trimming.

The Board of Public Works may authorize, by resolution or otherwise, the issuance of complimentary parking permits to motor vehicle owners or operators visiting the City for the purpose of a convention, conference, tournament or other function determined to be primarily for a public, charitable, religious, philanthropic, educational or other nonprofit purpose.

Section 2: This ordinance shall be in full force and effect on its passage ad publication as provided by law.

A Resolution to Authorize Street Parking Permits

Whereas, Section 6.05(2)(c) of the Waupun Municipal Code placing various restriction on the parking of motor vehicles on streets within the City; and

Whereas, that section also authorizes the Board of Public Works to issue complimentary parking permits to motor vehicle owners and operators;

Therefore, in consideration of the above;

It is Resolved:

1. Truckers' Jamboree. The operation of Code Section 6.05(2)(c) shall be suspended each year during the Waupun Truckers' Jamboree, including two days immediately before and one day immediately after the event. The issuance of written permits by the City for this purpose shall not be required.

2. Motel Parking. The Waupun Police Department may issue parking permits to Motel or Hotel operators within the City, to permit overnight street parking of motor vehicles or semi-tractor trailers operated by their patrons. Permits issued under this subsection shall designate the streets, or portions of streets, where overnight parking is permitted, as determined by the Waupun Police Department.