The DPPA & Wisconsin's Public Record Laws

Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act
The Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) (18 U.S.C. § 2721) prohibits the disclosure of certain “personal information” or “highly restricted personal information” which originates from a State motor vehicle record. Under current controlling law, disclosure of each item “personal information” or “highly restricted personal information” must be justified by specific permissible use. Such information shall not knowingly be disclosed or otherwise made available without the express consent of the person to whom the information pertains or unless specifically permitted by the DPPA. The form below may be used for purposes of determining whether such information should be released or redacted.

The League strongly encourages municipalities to use this form (PDF) when requesting information implicating the DPPA.

The form reflects an agreed-upon interim solution to allow for release of law enforcement reports without redaction of DPPA-related information and to avoid a proliferation of lawsuits involving municipalities and media groups over the difficult issues involving the intersection between Wisconsin's Open Records Laws and the DPPA. You can read background information (PDF) online as well.

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