104 - 2 Family Residence District, Conditional Uses - Rhinelander

Ordinance #104

Two Family Residence District, Conditional Uses - City of Rhinelander

All existing ordinances, codes or portions thereof in conflict herewith are hereby repealed, and more specifically, Section 19.09(2) is amended as follows:

19.09 R2 TWO-FAMILY RESIDENCE DISTRICT. (2) CONDITIONAL USES. The following conditional uses may be allowed in the R2 District, subject to § 1 9.05(l 0).

(a) Educational (non-boarding) and cultural institutions:

1. Elementary, junior and senior high schools.

2. Junior and senior high schools.

3. Public libraries and public art galleries.

4. Public museums.

(b) Excavations for specified purposes, as follows:

1. Artificial lakes.

2. Burrow pits.

3. Topsoil removal.

(c) Philanthropic and charitable institutions.

(d) Planned developments, residential - in accordance with Section 19.05(l 0)(h).

(e) Recreational and social facilities:

1. Athletic fields, non-commercial.

2. Golf courses, but not golf driving ranges, pitch and putt, or miniature golf courses.

3. Grounds of recreational clubs, non-commercial.

4. Parks and playgrounds.

5. Recreational buildings and community centers, non-commercial.

6. Tennis clubs and courts.

(f) Religious institutions, as follows:

1. Churches, chapels, temples, and synagogues.

2. Convents, seminaries, monasteries, and nunneries.

3. Rectories, parsonages, and parish houses.

4. Religious retreats.

(g) Child daycare and/or preschool facilities, subject to the following conditions:

1. Twenty (20) or less children (eight (8) or less permitted use).

2. Children twelve (12) years of age or younger (for uses in excess of eight (8) children).

3. Hours and days of operation to be Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (for uses in excess of eight (8) children).

(h) Accessory uses, incidental to, and on the same zoning lot as a principal use; including the following:

1. Athletic fields and playgrounds.

2. Club houses and other structures on the grounds of private clubs, golf courses, and tennis clubs.

3. Greenhouses and conservatories, private.

4. Stadiums and grandstands in athletic fields.