156 - Site Plan Application - St. Croix Falls

Ordinance #156

Site Plan Application - City of St. Croix Falls



Ordinance Establishing Forms For A Site Plan Application And Site Plan Checklist And Establishing Site Plan Application Fees Pursuant To Section 14.065 Of The General Ordinances Of The City of St. Croix Falls, Polk County, Wisconsin

The Common Council of the City of St. Croix Falls does hereby resolve as follows:

RESOLVED: That it shall be the policy of the City of St. Croix Falls that the Site Plan Application and Site Plan Checklist shall be on forms as prescribed from time to time by the City Clerk in substantial compliance with form copies attached to this Resolution; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That it shall be the policy of the City of St. Croix Falls that the Site Plan Application fee and Site Plan Review escrow fee shall be established and administered by the City Clerk as follows:

1. The Site Plan Application Fee shall be established at $200.00 to be paid by the applicant at the time of the filing of the Application.

2. The Site Plan Review escrow fee shall be established at an initial deposit of $1,000.00 which shall be paid by the applicant at the time of the filing of the Application. The review fee escrow shall be used to cover any engineering review costs as well as any other costs incurred by the City in the review of the Site Plan. In the event that the review costs exceed the initial deposit of $1,000.00 the applicant shall be required to deliver an additional escrow deposit in such amount as prescribed by the City Clerk.

CITY OF ST. CROIX FALLS - Site Plan Application 710 Highway 35 South, St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

Phone: 715-483-3929 Fax: 715-483-1618

1. Applicant (Owner):


Phone: FAX:

2. Project Description:

Location/Address: Legal Description:


3. Professional Services:

Engineer/Architect: Developer/Builder:

Name: Name:

Firm: Firm:

Address: Address:

Phone: Phone:

Fax: Fax:

Contact Person: Contact Person:

4. The existing use(s) of the subject property is (are):

5. The existing use(s) of the adjacent property is (are):





6. The proposed use(s) of the subject property, is (are):

7. Site Information:

Developed site acres/sq. ft. Total existing impervious area sq. ft.

Number of detention facilities on site Total new impervious area sq. ft.

Impervious area means a surface which has been compacted or covered with a layer of material so that it is highly resistant to infiltration by rain water. The term includes ... areas covered by structures, roof extensions, patios, porches, driveways, loading docks, sidewalks, and semi-impervious surfaces such as compacted gravel, all as measured on a horizontal plane."

8. I (we), the undersigned, do hereby make application and petition to the Common Council to approve the site plan for the described project, and in support of this application, present the above facts concerning said project.

Submitted this day of 2000.



File No: Date Filed:

Address Assigned (if new construction):


Plan Commission Meeting: Approved: [ ]Yes [ ] No


City Council Meeting: Approved: [ ]Yes [ ] No




City of St. Croix Falls

Applicant: Date Submitted:


Twelve (12) copies of a site plan which contains the following:

1 . Contain a vicinity map showing railroad, major streams or rivers, and public streets within 1,000' of the site.

2. Be prepared at a scale of 1 " = 10' to 1 60'.

3. Be arranged so that the top or left of the plan represents north, and have directional arrows and appropriate scale shown clearly.

4. Show the date of preparation and name, address, and phone number of the preparer.

5. Provide the address and legal description of the site and show the boundaries and dimensions graphically.

6. Show the present and proposed topography of the site and adjacent areas within 50' by 2' contour lines, and by use of directional arrows the proposed flow of drainage from the site.

7. Show the total area of the site in acres or square feet and the location of existing and proposed structures and indicate as applicable height and building dimensions, entrances, number of dwelling units, square footage by category of use.

8. Show existing structures within 50' of the site and show the building line of existing buildings adjacent to any proposed structures.

9. Show the location and dimensions of existing and proposed curb cuts, aisles, off-street parking and loading spaces, walkways.

10. Show all curb cuts adjacent to the street.

11. Show the location and provide a landscaping schedule of all planting, including grasses, shrubs, and trees.

12. Show the location, height, and material for screening walls and fences.

13. Show all exterior signs on the site.

14. List the type of surfacing proposed for all parking, loading, and walkway areas.

15. Describe the proposed use, list the number of required parking spaces, and show the location and number of parking spaces provided, including handicapped spaces.

16. Show the location of all fire hydrants and all existing and proposed lines and facilities for water, telephone, sewer, electricity, natural gas, and storm drainage.

17. Show existing and proposed public streets or rights-of-way, easements or other reservations of land on the site.

18. Show adjacent property which is held under the same ownership and its zoning.

19. Show the location, size, and method of screening for outdoor trash areas, heating/cooling, electrical, gas, or other mechanical equipment.

20. Show the location, height, and direction of proposed lighting.

21. Show the elevation views of proposed buildings and structures.

22. Show the ultimate development of the site and indicate development phases when the site is developed in stages.

23. Include a copy of covenants or deed restrictions intended to cover all or any part of the site.

24. Include a statement and plan describing erosion control during and following project completion and describing method to prevent tracking of dirt and other materials from the site onto public streets during construction.

25. When required under the City's storm drainage standards, a drainage control plan (contact the City Engineer).

26. Show the projected timetable for start and completion of the project.

Application Fee ($200) Escrow