196 - Self-Storage Warehouses - Richland Center

Ordinance #196

Self-Storage Warehouses - City of Richland Center

Amending Chapter 405 by Allowing Self-Storage Warehouse or Mini-Warehouse as a Conditional use in R-5 Multiple Family Residential District

The Common Council of the City of Richland Center, Wisconsin, does ordain as follows:

SECTION I: Section 405.04(7) is added to Chapter 405, Specific Regulations Affecting Lands in and "R-5" Five Or More Unit Multiple Family Residential District, of the Municipal code, as follows:

(7) Self-Storage Warehouse or Mini-Warehouse, except that no conditional use permit for a Self-Storage Warehouse or Mini-Warehouse shall be granted for any site located in that portion o the City bounded on the North by Sixth Street, on the East, by Park Street, on the south by Gage Street and on the West by the Pine river. All Self Storage Warehouses or Mini-warehouses shall have painted exterior walls and side walls shall not exceed eight (8) feet. All driveways to Self Storage Warehouses or Mini-Warehouses shall be graveled or paved. The setback for Mini-warehouses shall be the same as that of a primary building.

SECTION III: This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and publication.