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The League of Wisconsin Municipalities is comprised of 189 cities and 399 villages. The total number of cities and villages in Wisconsin is 190 and 411, respectively. Cities and villages in Wisconsin are incorporated municipalities that provide a full range of services to persons and properties within their boundaries, including street maintenance and snow plowing, sewer, water and electricity, police and fire protection, garbage collection, libraries, parks and recreation, zoning and planning, and public transportation.
  • Number of Cities: 190
  • Number of Villages: 412
  • Percentage of State Population Residing in Cities and Villages: 70%
  • Largest Municipality: Milwaukee (594,667 in 2016)
  • Smallest Municipality: Village of Big Falls (57 in 2016)
  • The median size population of Wisconsin's cities and villages is 1,450.  
  • Number of Municipalities with populations below 2,500: 379
  • Number of Municipalities with populations above 2,500: 222
  • Oldest Municipality: Green Bay
  • Newest Municipalities: Village of Windsor (November 3, 2015); Village of Maine (December, 2015) and the Village of Fox Crossing (April, 2016)
  • Primary sources of Revenue Available to Wisconsin Municipalities: Property Tax, State Aid, fees and charges
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