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League Partners in Service Delivery
  • GovOffice - The ICMA, state municipal leagues and Microsoft have partnered to offer GovOffice,the nation's leading Web site creation and content management system for cities, counties, townships and other local government units
  • U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance has established a national structure for local government agencies to make use of their collective purchasing power and to improve the overall effectiveness of their purchasing processes. U.S. Communities is a nonprofit instrumentality of government.

Property Taxes Related Documents

The Legislative Redistricting process happens in the state every 10 years. It is a statutory requirement for municipalities to provide the state with ward data. The State has developed an online internet application designed to help municipalities and counties create new ward, aldermanic, and supervisory districts as part of their redistricting effort. The application is called WISE-LR, which stands for Wisconsin Shape Editor for Local Redistricting.