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Full List of League Handbooks, Publications & DVD

  • Annual Directory of Wisconsin City and Village Officials (Free PDF) 
  • Annual Products and Services Guide for Wisconsin Municipalities
  • Annexation of Territory to Wisconsin Cities and Villages Update to Annexation of Territory to Wisconsin Cities and Villages (PDF)
  • Basic Financial Administration for Wisconsin Local Governments 
  • The Conduct of Common Council Meetings
  • The Conduct of Village Board Meetings
  • A Citizen's Guide to Wisconsin Cities and Villages FREE (PDF)
  • Handbook for Wisconsin Municipal Officials - Completely updated in Jan. 2017. PDF Available!
  • Handbook for Wisconsin Police and Fire Commissioners - Completely updated in Jan. 2019.  PDF Available!
  • Local Government 101 Workshop Video - the full day's program on a USB drive with the accompanying workbook either in print or on USB drive.
  • Municipal Licensing and Regulation of Alcohol Beverages -  Updated in July 2021. PDF Available!
  • The Powers and Duties of Wisconsin Mayors
  • The Powers and Duties of Wisconsin Village Presidents
  • Proceedings of the Annual Municipal Attorneys Institute
  • So You've Been Elected (Booklet)
  • So You Want To Be An Elected Official (Booklet) 
  • Special Assessments in Wisconsin
Information on ordering the League's comprehensive and searchable Legal USB Flash Drive/CD Rom. 

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