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  1. Bill would save municipalities money

    A bill co-authored by 25th Dist. State Sen. Janet Bewley, D-Ashland, would allow municipal officials to serve as election officials. The bill has passed both houses of the Legislature and awaits Gov. Scott Walker’s signature. Bob Zientara, Barron News-Shield
  2. Homeowner's tax assessment will drop $800000 after court deems backyard trees agriculture

    Plant the right kinds of trees in your backyard and you could save oodles on your property tax bill, after the state Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday in favor of a Town of Delafield resident. Bruce Vielmetti, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
  3. Walters: Push to expand Abele’s powers dies

    A Capitol push to dramatically increase the powers of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, and allow local government leaders to switch to biennial budgets, is now opposed by other county and local officials. Steven Walters for GazetteXtra
  4. Is a Last-Minute Bill to Help Developers that’s Being Jammed through the Legislature Going to Create

    At first glance, Wisconsin State Assembly Bill 770 (AB 770) looks to be a standard piece of Republican-sponsored legislation meant to clear away regulations on new housing projects. The legislation reads almost like a developer’s wish list. Dan Shaw, Shepherd Express
  5. WalMart Wants Tax Refund Due to "Dark Store Theory"

    Wal-mart is contesting the property assessment of its Minocqua store, contending the property is worth much less and thus it’s due a refund of thousands of dollars it paid in property taxes. Dean S. Acheson, WXPR Radio
  6. City takes on 'dark store' tax strategy

    MENOMONIE — The City Council may take action Monday on a resolution that would ask the state Legislature to act on ending “dark store” strategies in the city and state. As defined by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, “dark store theory” is . . . . Ben Rueter Leader-Telegram
  7. Ballot is crowded as seven make bid for mayoral seat in Kaukauna

    A newspaper editor, a school board member, a small business owner, three aldermen and a citizen feuding with City Hall all walked into the local union hall on Monday night. All came in with the same goal: to convince voters they're the best candidate. . . Madeleine Behr , USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
  8. Parks panel votes to borrow $25K for Hodag Park project

    In a show of good faith, the city of Rhinelander parks, buildings and grounds committee voted Monday to earmark a $25,000 chunk of the city's next capital borrowing budget for improvements at Hodag Park. The funds would be combined with money raised . . . Jamie Taylor, River News Reporter
  9. Green Bay Looks to Hire Someone to Address Rat Problem

    Workers with the City of Green Bay are hearing a lot of complaints about rats on the west side of town. Another hire is needed to address the growing rodent problem, says Bill Paape, the city's neighborhood development manager. . . . Patty Murray, Wisconsin Public Radio
  10. Sauk City begins wheel tax discussions

    Communities across Wisconsin have been struggling to fund much needed infrastructure repair as state lawmakers allocate less and less of the state budget for roads, according to the state DOT. This has led many small communities to . . . . Autumn Luedke, Sauk City Eagle
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