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December 2018 

Jerry calls this the Apocalypse Edition. Ashland, Watertown, Sun Prairie and Reedsburg share their lessons learned from recent experiences with disasters in their communities. We learn about stormwater management from Jim Bachhuber, Brown and Caldwell and Crystal Raleigh, City of River Falls and learn about winter precautions from Mike Czuprynko, Manager of Safety Services, Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW). 

11 18 Leaders Matter

November 2018 

What is your legacy? Vel Phillips and Frank Fiorenza were both Leaders who Matter and so are many of you. In the November magazine, we also highlight how you can encourage others to run for office and we welcome Tammy Bockhorst as the new League President.  Boardman Clark Attorneys lay out requirements for "getting the lead out" and Claire's article provides details on publication requirements.  

Media Release: Recruiting the New Generation of Local Elected Officials: Seven Strategies Laid Out in The Municipality

Lead Pipe replacement resources and leaders who matter is the focus of the November E-Muni. Read it here

Christian Øverland, the Ruth and Hartley Barker Director of the Wisconsin Historical Society was Jerry’s recent guest on the League’s Local Perspective. Christian is leading the Society in planning a new state history museum which will serve as a hub for statewide history education and outreach. Watch the show here.


October, 2018 

The Local Government Institute of Wisconsin is celebrating 10 years and lists four lessons learned over the years. Appleton Mayor Hanna is focused on regional cooperation. We have a preview of the Annual Conference panel on hazard mitigation and both gubernatorial candidates have submitted an article.  We also welcome Maria Davis as the new League Assistant Legal Counsel. 

On this month's Local Perspective Jerry interviews Maria Davis, the League's new Assistant Legal Counsel. Watch it on YouTube here

Read the E-Muni for access to additional electronic resources on local government cooperation and collaboration as well as much more. Read it here.   

9 18 Police and Fire

September, 2018

The September, the Municipality is focused on the history and evolution of Fire and Police Departments. WEA Trust discusses the future of healthcare and we learn about the "Smart Cities - Smart Futures Competition."

Watch the League's September Local Perspective with Lisa Soronen, the Executive Director of the State and Local Legal Center. Jerry Deschane sat down with her and had a fun conversation about the US Supreme Court, the Justices and some interesting local and state government cases. They also talked about Lisa's career path.  She's a UW-Madison Law School grad. Thanks to David Danielson and the Communications staff in the City of West Allis for hosting and producing the show! Watch it here.

The September E-Muni provides resources on the difficult questions taken on in the magazine around Police and Fire Service. Read it here...


August, 2018

Now is the time to work on your relationship with Legislators and candidates. The Wisconsin Association of School Boards has encouraged their members to hold candidate forums and we urge you to do the same - and even to partner with your school districts. Yunji Kim details what she's learned in her research on fiscal stress in Wisconsin and River Valley Bank provides best practices for writing an RFP.

The E-Muni focuses on Election Engagement, specifically around Dark Store, Transportation Aids and Levy Limits and provides direct links to additional resources. Read it here.

7 18 Stressing Over Growth

July, 2018

We hear from the Wisconsin Policy Forum about new construction and how that determinant of levy limit growth has failed to keep up with community services.  Dr. Yunji Kim, UW Local Government Center tells us more about the impact of levy limits in other states and Chuck Law and Beth Richmond provide a brief history of 25 years of Business Improvement Districts in Wisconsin.  In addition, Curt Witynski provides a legal note on special assessments.  

The July E-Muni, with resources from the Wisconsin Policy Forum, UW-Extension Local Goverment Center and links to information on Special Assessments is here

6 18 Collage of League Lobbying

June, 2018

The lawmaking part of the 2017-18 Legislative Session has concluded and, as Curt says in his extensive summary article, it was mostly positive for municipalities.  Thanks to everyone that advocated on behalf of their city or village. Legislators are taking notice!

Curt Witynski talks with Jerry Deschane about his career path and how the sausage is made at the Capitol in this month's Local Perspective. Watch it here.  Thanks to FACTv in Fitchburg for hosting us!

The E-Muni provides you with direct links to additional resources on everything in June's The Municipality magazine including the Landlord Bill, Development Authority & Legislative Update.  Read it here..

5 18 Wisconsin's ARTS CENTERS

May, 2018

Wisconsin's vibrant Creative Economy is evident in Arts Centers across the state. We hear from Baraboo Mayor Palm on the restoration of the Al. Ringling Theatre and learn from Anne Katz of Arts Wisconsin what it takes to build and maintain an arts center. The League, together with Arts Wisconsin, celebrates our third annual Creative Economy Week May 12-19 with a proclamation. You'll want to read the take-aways from the report on "Gaining and Maintaining Young People in Wisconsin Communities" by Randy Stoecker and Allyson Watson. The Local Perspective "Take 1" is an interesting conversation with Randy and Allyson. Thanks to Sun Prairie Media Center!  

The Waupaca Arts and Culture Plan and their new Wautopia Festival is the Local Perspective " Take 2" great conversation that we had with Henry Veleker, City Administrator and Marci Reynolds, Waupaca Community Arts Board. Thanks to Oshkosh Media for producing the show!  You can watch it here.  

Brain Drain, plus direct links to Creative Economy resources, many videos and much more.  Read the E-Muni here

4 18 Festivals and Tourism

April, 2018

"Festivalization" is the word of the day and the theme of the April magazine. Many community festivals were featured in the cover article and even more in the article by Wis. Dept. of Tourism Secretary Klett and by Julia Hertel in her article on working with destination marketing organizations. There's also an article on room taxes and short-term rentals and a great explanation of Boards of Review.  

The City of Altoona's new community center and the unique origin of the Village of Winneconne's festival plus the ins and outs of creating community is the topic on the League's "The Local Perspective" show. Watch it on the League's YouTube Channel.  

The E-Muni is chock full of links to resources like Board of Review Training and help with short term rental licensing. Read it here.

3 18 Public Health Zika under a microscope

March 2018

While health is often seen as a personal responsibility, there are many municipal actions and policies that can contribute to a healthy community. In the March, the Municipality magazine we hear from Appleton on their Health in All Policies, from COWs on the Legacy Community Alliance for Health and from the North Shore Health Department on the contribution toward health made by Health Departments across the state. The Legal Article outlines a municipalities regulation of "Click & Collect" Alcohol Sales. It's also Women's History Month plus we hear about commercial building plan review.

Ann Christiansen, Health Director/Officer of the North Shore Health Department is Jerry's guest on the March, "The Local Perspective."  Jerry and Ann have a wide-ranging conversation about the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of Wisconsin's public health professionals. Watch the League's "The Local Perspective" on YouTube.

Additional public health, health in all policies, green tier and "click and collect" alcohol sales and other resources are in the March E-Muni.  


February, 2018 

Everything libraries, including lots of comments curated from Facebook and Twitter from library staff and even a few patrons is the theme of the February, the Municipality magazine. Claire Silverman also weighs in with "An Overview of Municipal Library Boards" and outlines the important changes for Board of Review and Assessors. Daniel Olson provides an article on the restrictions placed on conditional use permit authority by the Legislature. We also highlight "Building Home," the League's first video and the new #LocalGovMatters podcast.  

Marge Loch-Wouters and Plumer Lovelace, III of the Wisconsin Library Association are talking about all things libraries on the League's “The Local Perspective.” Jerry Deschane, League Executive Director hosts this monthly half hour show. Thanks to Sun Prairie Media Center for hosting us! You can watch it on the League's YouTube Channel here...

The February E-Muni provides a deep dive into all things Libraries, including the popular #SelfieIntheStacks hashtag.  We also provide additional resources on Library Boards plus more information on Conditional Use Permits. Read it here... 


January, 2018 

With this issue of the Municipality, the League is beginning a broader conversation about a more sustainable system of funding local government in Wisconsin. We start with the City of South Milwaukee sharing their story of their successful public safety referendum, hear from Curt about the general experiences municipalities who have tried a referendum have had, and learn more from Rob Henken, the new Wisconsin Policy Forum Director, about how the unique revenue system that Milwaukee and every other city and village find themselves in is failing to keep up with the needed services.  In addition, Claire Silverman provides an extensive article on Public Records Law and it's application to individual local officials and Curt Witynski outlines how to use the last year of TIF increment to benefit affordable housing. WEDC also tells us more about the Certified in Wisconsin Program and DWD outlines their workforce resources that can benefit your businesses.    

Let's start this conversation.  Is local government financing broken in Wisconsin?  Rob Henken, President of the Wisconsin Policy Forum takes on that issue with Jerry on this month's "The Local Perspective."  Thanks to Monona Community Media, you can watch it here... 

The January E-Muni provides additional resources on referendums, using the last year of TIF increment, open records and more. Read it

12 17 FINAL Magazine COVER - state capitol by drone

December, 2017

Strengthening Our Democracy is our theme and our hope for Wisconsin. You'll want to read Jerry Deschane's article advocating for a different mindset for government - he's entitled it "For Profit Government?"  The Elections and the Ethics Commissions provide advice to anyone running for office and we reprint an article with permission by the Knight Foundation on the winners of the "Joy of Voting."  We also get in just under the wire a fascinating article celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the State Capitol and, in a lengthy legal article, Daniel Olson takes on "Agenda Control and Presiding Officers."

For Profit Govt plus Elections, Ethics and Agenda Control - it's all in the December E-Muni, the electronic supplement to the Municipality.  Read it here...