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2022 Sponsor, Guide, & Exhibitor Booth Space Reservation INVOICE

  1. Sponsorship, Guide, & Booth Space Reservation Information
    Thank you for choosing to exhibit with us! The person listed on this form will be used as the primary point of contact for the sponsor, guide, and exhibitor booth space information. A link will be sent to this contact allowing for the complimentary attendee registrations in June or after you complete this form. Sponsors may make additional attendee registrations at the League member rate. Please note all attendees will be required to register separately. Please feel free to contact Robin Powers with any questions at
  2. Products & Services Guide
    The League Products & Services Guide is an interregnal part of the League Annual conference. If you want to exhibit at the conference you must be in the guide. You may advertise in the guide and not attend the conference but not the other way around. It is important that our members have lasting contact information readily available for your organization. All sponsorship levels include a base listing in the guide. A separate form for the guide listing is available to complete on the League website. The credit for sponsoring here will be applied to your account and that guide invoice form.
  3. Sponsor Early tear down fee notice:

    Please note that early tear down of the booth (prior to 6:00PM on the 19th) will result in an additional $500 early tear down fee. The booth must be staffed and available to answer attendee inquiries until exhibit hall close at 6:00 PM.

  4. Contact Person
  5. Sponsorship & Guide Levels
    Sponsor Levels 2021
    *We will comp your organization one attendee registration to the annual conference for every $500 of your Sponsorship! Guide only listings do not receive a complimentary registration but anyone from that organization may register at member rate for the annual conference. A complimentary link will be sent to Sponsor contacts when conference registration opens.
  6. Are you a League Business Partner or Associate and want to put your membership credit towards this event?  Let us know above and we will credit your account for this event and invoice the difference, if any.  See our business member program for more information!  

  7. Sponsor or Guide Selection
    League Annual Conference & Products & Services Guide
  8. Price*
  9. This is for internal use in booth placement only. (25 character limit).

  10. Staff Attendee Badges
    Each exhibitor contact will receive a link when general registration opens (June 1st) that staff attending can use to register for attendee badges, either as complimentary badges included with the exhibitor/sponsor package or at the League member rate. *We will comp your organization one attendee registration to the annual conference for every $500 of your Sponsorship!
  11. Let us know if there is anything else on your mind! We want this to be the best show possible for you so please share any question or concern. Thank you for exhibiting with us!
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