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Chief Executives Summer Workshop 2021 - INVOICE

  1. Chief Executives Workshop Registration
  2. Additional Information
    Registration fees, minus a $10 processing fee, are refundable if the League is notified of the cancellation by August 14, 2021. No refunds after this date. *Officials and Staff of League Member Cities & Villages and League Business Partners can register at the Member Rate.
  3. Wednesday, Aug. 18th, Pre-Program Reception 5:30PM
    Will you attend?
  4. Thursday, Aug. 19th, Evening Reception 5:30PM
    Will you attend?
  5. I require accommodations regarding a disability or dietary need
    If you have checked this box, we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.
  6. Guest Registration
    The Guest fee includes both receptions. There is no off-site Guest Tour.
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