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2023 Local Gov. 101 INVOICE

  1. Please make the following reservation for Local Government 101 in person at:*
  2. Workshop attendees:
    Please fill out the following information for all your party's attendees below.
  3. Special Accommodations*
    Please check the box if you need an accommodation regarding a disability or dietary restriction. We will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.
  4. Regsitration
    Registration totals
  5. Price

    Please total all the attendees from above.

  6. Contact Information:
    If you filled out this form for someone else, please list your contact information below in case we have any questions about this registration.
  7. The Fine Print

    *Only staff members and elected officials from cities and villages that are currently members of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities may register as members. Registration fees, minus a $10 processing fee, are refundable if received five calendar days before the workshops begin.

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