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Impact of Levy Limits on My Community

  1. Of 1,852 Wisconsin municipalities in the 2018-19 tax year, 1,026 saw less than 1 percent growth and 1,583 had less than 2 percent.
  2. Help us tell the story of the impact of levy limits on your community. We'll publish your story on our website verbatim and use what you tell us when lobbying your legislators, for social media post and possibly in the League's magazine. We will not publish your name.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Please also share your story with your Legislators.
  3. E.g. "[We are cutting] maintenance on roads and bridges." "We've got two [ambulance] services in our area that have been discontinued" "We know there is more need for XXX service, but we are not increasing it."
  4. E.g. "We have drawn done reserves by XXXX to pay for XXXX" "we are using debt to fund what we probably would have considered operational costs [in the past]" " We are issuing $XXX in debt to pay for XXX." "We took $XXX out of our capital project fund to pay for XXXX"
  5. E.g. "Employees have received a total of XXXX wage increases in XX years" “We have four full time employees. Three of them...are close to retirement. We're not going to replace them.” "Over the last 10 to 15 years, we've gone from 800 full-time equivalents to 700 full-time equivalents"
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